Powershell Tip #87: Set keyboard layout

By | December 4, 2015

Tip: You set the keyboard layout using PowerShell (for example, if the language of your keyboard is different of the Operating System).



I set the layout to fr-CH (French – Switzerland):




4 thoughts on “Powershell Tip #87: Set keyboard layout

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  2. ahmed


    thank you for the good tip, and iwant the same thing to add two or more languages for windows 7.
    thank you.

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  4. Ton Schellevis

    How is this possible:
    PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-WinUserLanguageList
    LanguageTag : en-US
    Autonym : English (United States)
    EnglishName : English
    LocalizedName : English (United States)
    ScriptName : Latin script
    InputMethodTips : {0409:00020409}
    Spellchecking : True

    In graphical settings:
    location netherlands
    Input US qwerty intl (that’s wat we want)

    On taskbar: Dutch keyboard.
    Layout keyboard appears to be Belgium

    Handwriting : False


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