Powershell Tip #57: Restore a user from AD Recycle Bin with PowerShell

By | October 17, 2020

Tip: You can restore a user from Active Directory Recycle Bin with PowerShell.

# The Recycle Bin has been introduced since Windows Server 2008 R2
# The forest functional level has to be at least on Windows Server 2008 R2
# Once you enable the Recycle Bin, you can’t revert back (irreversible)

To enable the Recycle Bin (admin rights required) :


how to enable recyclebin active directory powershell

Delete (to Recycle Bin)

deleted user active directory recycle bin

Restore (from Recycle Bin)

restore ad user powershell recycle bin

Note: To do that with GUI (Windows Server 2012) :

Server Manager > Tools > Active Directory Administrative Center > Domain > Deleted Objects > Object (Restore)

administrative center restore object user


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