Powershell Tip #36: Create a temporary file

By | September 7, 2015

Tip: You can use a temporary file (ex: script, function, …) and then just clean up (delete) at the end once you don’t need that.

Instead of hardcoding a path for a temporary file, you can use the GetTempFileName method.

In PowerShell v5, there is a new cmdlet : New-TemporaryFile



4 thoughts on “Powershell Tip #36: Create a temporary file

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  2. Bob mcCoy

    The method name is a little deceptive. It not only generates a name, it creates the associated (empty) file. So it is incumbent upon you, the scripter, to clean up after yourself.

    1. Author Post author

      True, I agree with you. I often use this method to avoid hardcoding paths but the inconvenient is that the scripter needs to clean up the created file.

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