Powershell Tip #22: Find GC (Global Catalog)

By | August 29, 2015

Tip: You can list the GC (Global Catalog) servers with Powershell.

Note: Get-ADDomainController is a cmdlet from the activediretory module.


4 thoughts on “Powershell Tip #22: Find GC (Global Catalog)

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  3. lalit

    I have a file myfile.txt and it has only one line. line is as given below.

    I wanted to replace if=”${copy}” to blank (wanted to delete if=”${copy}”) i.e. file line should be as given below

    I have tried with command
    powershell -Command “(gc myfile.txt) -replace ‘if=”${copy}”‘, ” | Out-File myfile.txt”
    but it does not replace with BLANK .


    1. Author Post author


      Use the Replace method instead.

      Replace operator
      (gc file.txt) -replace 'if="${copy}"', ""

      Replace method
      (gc file.txt).Replace('if="${copy}"', "")


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