Powershell Best Practice #16: Update the help

By | August 4, 2015

Best Practice: It is recommended to update the help on a regular basis.


You have to run Powershell as an administrator to update the help : Update-Help -Force

You have different ways to automate the update of the help:

  • PowerShell profile
  • Scheduled Job
  • GPO (in case you work in a domain)


Scheduled Job

To list the scheduled jobs :


You can use Save-Help to download help files to a share for example and then deploy through GPO.

It is useful for computers without Internet connection for example.

Set the default source path for Update-Help
Computer Configuration >Administrative Templates >Windows Components >Windows

Note: With the ISESteroids add-on (Tobias Weltner), you can update the help  with the cmdlet: Update-SteroidsHelp

It will open a new window running the Update-Help -Force as an administrator.



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